Inside every ounce of "PurpleBurn Pro" you’ll find:

A bespoke proprietary formula of 14 special high-quality herbal weight loss

supporting ingredients.

Kenyan Purple Tea
Kenyan Purple Tea :

Kenyan Purple Tea is a unique variety of tea grown exclusively in the highlands of Kenya. It is characterized by its distinctive purple color and flavor, resulting from the rich mineral-filled soil in which it is grown.


Blackcurrant is usually consumed in either juice or jam form, but it can also be eaten fresh or used in baking. It is often used in jams and jellies, as well as in sauces, syrups, and liqueurs.

Lavender Oil
Lavender Oil :

PurpleBurn Pro contains hibiscus, rich in flavonoids and phenols – other antioxidants that accelerate fat burning. Often taken as tea, hibiscus has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. The makers of PurpleBurn Pro added it to the formula to help metabolize fat, accelerating the rate of fat burning.

Raspberry :

Raspberry is a small, delicious, red-colored fruit native to many parts of the world. It is usually eaten as a snack or added to desserts, jams, and jellies. It is also used in a variety of dishes, both sweet and savory, such as salads and sauces.

Oat fiber
Oat fiber :

Fibrous ingredients are known to give energy to the body and promote weight loss, and the oat type is one notable source of that. It reduces the appetite levels in the human body and makes people feel fuller, allowing them to eat in moderation.

Inulin :

Inulin is a dietary fiber that occurs naturally in plants such as onions, garlic, leeks, chicory root, Jerusalem artichokes, dandelion roots, bananas, etc. Inulin is known to increase satiety and slow digestion. These benefits make it a great addition to any diet plan.

Purple Carrot
Purple Carrot :

Purple Carrot is an innovative plant-based meal delivery service that takes the hassle out of cooking. Purple Carrot contains powerful antioxidants that enable healthy heart functioning and a balanced immune response. It naturally aids in losing more significance and reduces LDL cholesterol levels. It shields your body and maintains healthy heart functioning. It even protects against the cause of mental decline and diabetes.

Mangosteen :

Mangosteen is an exotic fruit native to Southeast Asia. It has a thick, purple rind and a sweet, juicy interior. This extract helps burn low levels of calories and supports reducing BMI levels. It has rich antioxidant effects and active polyphenols that maintain your weight loss process and give a slight texture. It helps in lowering surplus significance at higher levels.

White Kidney Bean
White Kidney Bean :

The White Kidney Bean contains high nutrient density and infuses a low-calorie count in your body. It reduces the feelings of hunger and prevents you from overeating. The nutritional compounds help control appetite and reduce abdominal fat cause.

Cinnamon :

PurpleBurn Pro contains cinnamon, a spice with a range of advertised benefits. According to the makers of PurpleBurn Pro, cinnamon has strong antimicrobial properties while freshening breath and supporting restful sleep. None of these effects are linked to weight loss. However, other studies have shown cinnamon can support healthy blood sugar, making it easier to control appetite and cravings.

Green tea
Green tea :

Another ingredient you will notice in this PurpleBurn Pro supplement that comes with high antioxidant content is green tea. Green tea is known for supporting weight loss practices as it improves metabolic rates and holds high polyphenol content.

Bitter melon
Bitter melon :

Bitter melon is a low-calorie food that can help to promote feelings of fullness, making it an effective tool for weight loss. Bitter melon in PurpleBurnPro powder is a great benefit to ensure a steady level of your weight loss journey. It promotes healthy blood flow in the body and supports immunity.

Ginger :

Another top ingredient in this proprietary formula for weight loss is ginger, with its strong antibacterial condition. It helps control blood sugar levels and promotes a fitter physique.

Turmeric :

With this PurpleBurn Pro ingredient, you will notice better heart health and improved immune responses. Moreover, turmeric helps reduce inflammation as well.

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